This Cat Condo Gives Your Kitty A Space Of Their Own

If your cat enjoys exploring new areas jumping and climbing and loves to hide out in private spaces then this pretty cool wooden cat condo is a great place for them to call their own.

Whether you own one cat or three, this condo is suitable for all and offers them a private space to explore and hang out in.

It’s suitable for outdoor use and the spacious top deck is complete with a waterproof roof which protects them from both sun and rain. You can also transfer this cat condo inside too so during the cold winter months you can bring it inside to the garage, shed, conservatory or even your home. 

If your cat loves to spend all of their time outside then this condo will be their safe space whilst they wait for you to let them in or get back from work.

This cat condo has great reviews from very happy customers. One customer mentions that she has a large breed of cat and it’s just perfect for him.

Another happy customer mentions just how easy this cat house is to insulate during the winter months and the escape hatch makes a great lookout window for their cat.

Lastly, another customer says that she brought this for her rabbit who loves using it and says it is the perfect size for him.

Wooden Cat Condo House

This cat house is super easy to assemble, it arrives with already pre-drilled holes so all you need to do is securely screw the parts together.

A scratching pad allows your cat to happily sharpen their claws on the instead of using your precious furniture. To encourage them further, simply sprinkle some catnip onto the pad and within minutes they will be going crazy over the stuff. The pad also allows for easy access up onto the decking as it makes a great anti slip surface so this is great for kittens and older cats too.

An overhang covers the door to protect it from any damage, it also gives a homely feel too.

The decking area gives your cat a great place to hang out whatever the weather. It’s a perfect spot so they can relax yet still keep an eye out on their surroundings because that’s what cats like to do best. The beautiful fencing around the top deck protects your cat or kitten from slipping over the edge.

It is treated with a water based solution which is absolutely safe for your pets.

Overall this is a great choice if your cat loves to spend time outside as it offers them protection from the weather and also gives them a safe haven until you get back home to let them inside.

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