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Best Large Outdoor Rabbit Hutches

A hutch is your rabbits home where they feel safe, secure and comfortable and it’s where they will sleep, go to the toilet and stretch their legs. A hutch provides your rabbit with a safe area where they can be safely locked in when you’re out so that they are protected from any predators that may be lurking in your garden during the night.

Rabbit hutches are typically made from wood which are durable and sturdy, they are usually treated with a pet safe treatment and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your garden and your rabbits needs.

So many people decide to buy just a bog standard sized cage and whilst your rabbit may appear to be happy in there, in reality, it’s just not big enough for them. A rabbit absolutely needs room to run, jump, stretch and dig so keeping them in a bog standard cage isn’t good and it isn’t fair.

The larger you can go, the better, obviously depending on the size of your garden space and also taking your budget into consideration. It’s also important to let your rabbit out when possible so that they can have free roam of the garden or if that isn’t a safe option then a rabbit run gives your pet a new place to explore and prevents boredom as they will be able to use up some energy whilst hopping around freely.

In A Hurry?

If you don’t have much time to view all of the best large rabbit hutches below, you can quickly find all of them on Amazon.

Pets Imperial® Monmouth Flat Roof Chicken Coop with...
  • Totally fox proof - reinforced galvanised mesh
  • Dimensions incl nest box: 203m x 75cm x 103cm. This chicken coop is delivered in two boxes, these packages can be delivered separately.
  • Made from animal friendly tongue and groove treated timber, designed to last for years
  • Galvanised metal pull-out tray for very easy cleaning. Rear ventilation SLOTS/HOLES to keep chicken cool and air flow well regulated
feel good Large Rabbit Hutch 4ft Double Tier Hutch with...
  • ESSENTIAL FEATURES: Solid wooden framed hutch with tongue and groove panels and free outdoor cover, double height with enclosed shelter and lift up...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The locking hinge on our roof allows for easy cleaning and access to the upper floor. The two slide out tray ensure it can easily...
  • PET PRIORITY: Keeping your Rabbits happy is top of our list when it comes to the design of our hutches. The RHL model features a totally enclosed...
  • PEST & PREDATOR SECURE: Our solid wood tongue and groove hutch will last for years and provides a sturdy weatherproof home for your pet. All woodwork...
FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch and Run Wooden Outdoor Guinea...
  • ESSENTIAL FEATURES: Solid wooden framed rabbit hutch with tongue and groove panels, secure outside run area, ridged access ramp, sliding access door...
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: The slide out galvanised cleaning tray in the house section helps to ensure the hutch is easily and thoroughly cleaned. Multiple...
  • PET PRIORITY: Keeping your pet rabbits happy is priority when it comes to the design of our hutches. The Bunny Ark model features a cosy and dark...
  • PEST & PREDATOR SECURE: The raised hutch area helps to keep the hutch area dry and free of pest. All woodwork is Jointed, Sanded and Screwed and is...
Cocoon 6FT BUNNY XL Double Decker Rabbit/Guinea Pig...
  • Overall width : 180cm x overall length : 53cm x overall width : 85cm x overall height
  • high quality wire used throughout
  • The wood is treated using a water based anti fungicidal animal and environment friendly stain
6ft Chartwell Hutch (Double)
  • 🇬🇧 BRITSH MANUFACTURING: We're a proud member of the Made In Britain Campaign and are the only supplier of Rabbit Hutches and pet cages that...
  • 🐰 GIVE YOUR PETS THE GIFT OF SPACE: Unlike other lesser Rabbit Hutches on the market, our rabbit cage gives your pets at least 2ft of headroom and...
  • 💪 KEEP PREDATORS OUT: Our 5ft Chartwell Double Guinea Pig Hutch is the only hutch on the market fitted with fox proof wire. We know how important...
  • 🗑️ CLEANING IS SIMPLE: The best way to prolong the life of your new large rabbit hutch and keep your pets safe from illness and diseases is to...

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Things To Consider When Buying A Rabbit Hutch

Your rabbit will need a separate space for their toilet area and sleeping area so a hutch with multiple compartments would provide them with a great amount of space.

The hutch should allow your rabbit to take at least 3 bunny hops so it’s essential to take your rabbits size into consideration. (A single hop is actually a lot more than what you think so be sure to monitor your rabbit as they make a hop so you can get a good idea of how much room they need).

Rabbits should also be able to stand on their back legs in the cage without their ears touching the roof so a tall rabbit cage allows them to have plenty of space.

You should also take into account the cleaning side of things and how easy your hutch is to access and clean properly. A hutch should be cleaned out thoroughly at least once a week and the toilet space should be checked daily to maintain good hygiene.

Some hutches come with a plastic dropping tray which you simply pull out and wipe down which makes your life easier and keeps your rabbits hutch fresh and clean.

What To Put In Your Rabbits Hutch

As your rabbit will spend the majority of time in their hutch you can’t just expect them to sit there and not get bored so that’s why it’s essential to make sure they have enough to keep them entertained and there are so many awesome treats and toys that you can buy these days. 

The floor of your rabbits hutch should be covered in a layer of newspaper and on top of that you will need to put a generous amount of bedding to provide them with warmth and a comfy place to sleep. Straw, grass hay or shredded paper will be a great option for this. Remember to change any soiled bedding daily and thoroughly clean out the compartment every week to ensure a healthy environment for your pet.

A large water bottle can be fastened to the outside of the cage and needs to be changed daily so your pet always has access to fresh water. Bare in mind, during the winter months the water may freeze so it’s vital to get a bottle cover which helps to protect the water from freezing.

A food bowl is great for putting your rabbits food in but be aware that ceramic bowls are by far the best as you may find your rabbit puts their feet in the bowl or even on the edges when feeding which causes the dish to flip over. If the bowl is plastic it will easily flip but a ceramic one is more likely to stay in place.

Natural gnawing and chew treats are a fantastic option for your rabbit as it not only satisfies their natural instinct to chew (which helps to keep their teeth at an optimal and healthy length) but it gives them an exciting snack to feast on during the day.

Chew treats will encourage your rabbit to move around and really get their teeth into the snack and this is a good way to keep them entertained and healthy.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on creating an exciting environment for your rabbit. They are quite happy hiding in cardboard boxes but just make sure they are non-toxic as your rabbit will most likely chew away at them. You can get creative and make tunnels from spare boxes, they will love this idea and it will give them somewhere new to explore.

You can also provide your rabbit with a litter tray filled with some soil so they can unleash their natural digging behaviour.

Toys for your rabbit can really be a game changer, you can hide small nibbles in treat balls and this will help to not only mentally stimulate them but it will keep them physically active.

Pets Imperial® Wentworth Large Rabbit Hutch

This rabbit hutch is truly stunning and is fantastic for either one or multiple rabbits. One of the great things about this hutch is the size and one happy customer mentions that she can easily fit inside the hutch to give it a proper clean.

It has been designed with your rabbit in mind as the reinforced galavanished mesh makes this rabbit hutch totally fox proof so you can be assured your pet is safe and secure. It keeps your pet in and predators out!

The animal friendly treated timber is designed to last years so it will defiantly stand the test of time and remain strong during the elements.

Your rabbit will be able to get some cosy naps in the nesting box which provides complete privacy. The lifting lid on the nesting box allows you to check on your rabbit if needed.

This awesome rabbit hutch is going to look great in your garden and when filled with treats, toys and nibbles, your rabbit is going to absolutely love their new home.

Pets Imperial® Wentworth Large Rabbit Hutch Reviews

MRMVerified Amazon Review
Read More
Easy to assemble and very good for my two rabbits. And I can fit inside to clean the hutch
John H.
John H.Verified Amazon Review
Read More
Well where do I start, the coop arrived earlier than expected and then things just get better and better. It took me and my mum a few hours to put together. The instructions were laid out well and were easy to follow, this made putting it together really easy. Once assembled it was time to move our two rabbits, Daryl and Negan, into their new home. They hopped in straight away and were soon investigating their new surroundings. They loved the place, it is so much more spacious than their previous cage. It wasn't long before they were dashing around chasing each other, before snuggling up in the cosy boxed in area. I have added some tarpaulin to the back and sides just to give them some added protection on windy/rainy days. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a spacious home for their bunnies at a great price x
Lesley R.
Lesley R.Verified Amazon Review
Read More
Bought this coop for my 2 bunnies and it is awesome! It is so big and spacious for my girls. It is very sturdy and looks fantastic.
There is loads of space for the bunnies to run around in and then a lovely cosey nest area for them to keep snug! Excellent value for money too. I know nothing of chickens but know this is the best home I have bought for my rabbits!

FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch and Cover with Rain Cover

This double tier rabbit hutch provides your rabbit with plenty of space to move around freely. A sheltered sleeping compartment on the top level protects your rabbit from the weather and other distractions such as lights and people passing by so they can have a comfortable nights sleep.

The hutch roof lifts up so you can have easy access to your pet and it makes it a breeze when giving the hutch a thorough clean. A slide out plastic cleaning tray allows you to completely sanitise the area which is especially important as you don’t want the smell of urine to over power your rabbits living space, just imagine how you’d feel!

High quality wire is used throughout the cage and the wood has been treated using a water based and anti fungicidal stain which is animal and environmentally friendly too.

FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch and Cover Reviews

I was a bit dubious of buying these rabbits hutches after reading the reviews but I bit the bullet and I bought two and I could not be happier they are lovely and spacious. Yes they are a bit difficult but to put together but that goes with everything you have to assemble yourself. Sell my review would be if you are looking for a good quality rabbit how to get this one worth every penny
Verified Amazon Review

FeelGoodUK Rabbit Hutch, 150 x 66 x 100 cm

This beautiful hutch has a unique design and gives your rabbit lots of space to explore and exercise. A high quality fir wood has been used to create this hutch and the wood is treated with an anti fungicidal stain that is animal and environment friendly.

The bottom layer of the cage is suitable for placing on your lawn so during the day your rabbit has access to fresh grass which they will enjoy eating and also sitting on.

Locks ensure that your rabbit is kept safe at night and also gives you easy access to get to your pet and allows you to thoroughly clean the cage with ease.

A pull out tray makes cleaning super easy and the lock on the side ensures the tray is kept securely in place.

Cocoon 6FT BUNNY XL Double Decker Rabbit / Guinea Pig Hutch and Run

This modern rabbit hutch will look stylish in any garden and the spacious design ensures that your pet has plenty of space to stretch and hop because that’s what rabbits do best!

The lower level provides your rabbit with access to fresh grass each day and when they want to retreat, a sheltered room upstairs gives them privacy away from any hustle and bustle.

The pull out plastic tray allows you to quickly and efficiently dump any dirty hay or waste into a bag or bin rather than leaning in and having to scoop every bit up.

There are multiple locks on this rabbit hutch which give you peace of mind at night that your little furry friend is safe, secure and comfortable.

6ft Chartwell Double Guinea Pig Rabbit Hutch

If you are looking for a large hutch that is suitable for for either one or two rabbits then this one might just be the one for you.

The spacious area downstairs gives your rabbit plenty of space to explore and play and the upstairs area provides them with comfort and security when they want some privacy.

The ramp features side rails so your pet won’t fall or slip off the side making it safe for rabbits of all ages.

When night time comes or you will be away for a few hours you can close the ramp off so you know your pet is safe and secure in the upstairs compartment. This is a great option especially if you know you may have predators lurking in your garden during the night.


These cages all have great features and make a great home for your rabbit or rabbits.

If you feel overwhelmed by the choice of hutches just make sure you know the size of your rabbit or how big they will grow and ensure they have enough space to do at least 3 bunny hops. Make sure they are going to have enough space to lie, stretch and hop around.

Think about where you are going to put your rabbit hutch, you need to make sure that the area is well shaded and it’s not placed in a sun trap area in your garden as rabbits can overheat easily as they are prone to heat stress. The hutch needs to be well ventilated with air circulating either end of the cage.

During the summer you need to ensure that flies and mosquitoes cannot enter the hutch. Mosquitoes can easily infect rabbits with nasty diseases and flies can lay eggs on your rabbit which develop into maggots and can be absolutely fatal, this is known as Flystrike. A net can be placed over your rabbits hutch which will prevent them from getting in.

During the winter months you will need to make sure that your rabbit is warm enough and protected from the elements. A plastic cover will stop any rain from targeting the inside of the hutch.

Last but not least, remember to interact and play with your rabbit regularly so they get used to human interaction. Check in on them daily and talk to them, stroke them and let them out, after all they are part of the family! You will be surprised at how tame a rabbit can be with regular socialisation, they deserve the best quality of life and you can make that happen by ensuring they have all the essentials plus more.

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