Top Orthopaedic Dog Beds For Hip Dysplasia And Arthritis

Hip Dysplasia is a very painful condition which is most commonly seen in larger dog breeds such as Labradors, Newfoundlands and Saint Bernards but it can also happen to any dog or any breed too.

A dogs hip joint works as a ball and socket but sometimes the ball and socket do not fit correctly or they may not develop properly, so instead of a smooth glide your dog will experience very painful rubbing and grinding which can greatly affect their quality of life.

There are a few options out there, from supplements to holistic therapies and a last resort would be the option for surgery but each case and each dog is entirely different. 

You can however, ensure your dog with has best support and comfort possible by providing them with an orthopaedic dog bed which will support their body weight and take pressure off their hips so they can have a comfortable sleep.

What Is An Orthopaedic Dog Bed?

An orthopaedic dog bed is specifically designed with your dogs joint health in mind. They are typically made from memory foam which supports their aching joints and relieves pressure from the most sore areas.

Memory foam was actually invented by NASA in the 1970’s with the intent of improving seat cushioning and also used for crash protection for airline pilots. This just shows how trusted memory foam is, but like all things you need to make sure that you are purchasing a product from a trusted buyer who uses high quality materials.

These top 5 orthopaedic dog beds are quality made from reputable buyers and they all have fantastic reviews from very happy customers whose dog’s have tried and tested these beds.

In A Hurry?

If you don’t have much time to view all of the best orthopaedic dog beds below, you can quickly find all of them on Amazon.

The Dog’s Bed Orthopaedic Dog Bed Large Grey Plush...
  • Large Grey Plush 101 x 64 x 15cm premium quality waterproof orthopaedic dog bed. Solid 5cm premium grade, high density, orthopaedic memory foam over a...
  • A prudent preventative measure for younger dogs of breeds predisposed to joint conditions, ensuring your dog’s joints remain mobile into their...
  • Therapeutic bed designed to provide relief and comfort to tripawds, dogs with joint conditions such as hip- and elbow dysplasia and arthritis and dogs...
  • For effective management of discomfort resulting from hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis, patella luxation, osteochondritis and other conditions such...
The Dog’s Bed, Premium Plush orthopaedic Memory Foam...
  • Large: Size 91 x 70 x 10cm with 22cm bolster sides. Colour Brown Plush. Waterproof protective inner & durable Oxford fabric outer. 5cm base, high...
  • A waterproof removable and washable inner protects The Dog’s Bed from accidents and incontinent issues. Wash cover & inner seperately with the...
  • Excellent medical grade orthopaedic support for older dogs providing therapeutic comfort for arthritis pain, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia,...
  • Excellent medical grade orthopaedic support for older dogs providing therapeutic comfort for arthritis pain, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia,...
JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed, Orthopedic Dog Bed &...
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: ①Solid Memory Foam base for perfectly to your pet's body for maximum comfort ②Memory Foam using flame retardant...
  • EASY To CLEAN and MAINTAIN:①Removable cover is machine washable;②Easy to find & clean &remove hair;③Liner waterproof protector
  • GIFT:Squeaker toy as gift(Bone shape)
  • BETTER DESIGN:①High-density memory foam can provide the ultimate sleep experience with superior overall comfort and to last;②The bottom is lined...
XX-Large Memory Foam Dog Bed: Orthopedic Waterproof Pet...
  • Thicken Orthopedic Memory Foam - 8-12cm thicken flat foam instead of egg crate foam, human-grade dog bed can support large dog without severe...
  • Extra Large Heavy Duty Dog Beds - 2XL: fits to pet: under 70kg , 3XL:Fit to pet: under 80kg, 4XL: fit to pet under 90kg, ideal for extra large Jumbo...
  • Comfy Soft Fabric Cover - The cover is made of luxury soft linter fabric fleece for warmth and coziness, gentle on noses and paws, encourage restful...
  • Waterproof & Washable Cover - Waterproof lining cover can be easily removed for cleaning purposes, a nice solution to keep the bed clean and no smell,...
Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed, Quilted Mattress/Pet Bed,...
  • ORTHOPEDIC SUPPORT: Our orthopedic pet bed uses durable egg crate luxe foam for ultimate support and comfort.
  • LUXURY AND COMFORT: The thick pillowtop layer adds comfort for dogs young and old.
  • EASY CARE: Just unzip the cover and throw in the washing machine for easy convenient cleaning.
  • MILLIARD GUARANTEE: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, neither are we. We’re so sure you’ll love this dog mattress, that we...
Silentnight Orthopaedic Luxury Pet Dog Cat Bed – Cosy...
  • ORTHOPAEDIC - the contoured foam layer helps to distribute weight evenly to reduce pressure points and sooth aches and pains for a relaxing and...
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS - specially designed to give your pet the same level of comfort available in our best quality beds and pillows made for people
  • WASHABLE - removable machine washable cover making it all that bit easier when your little friend gets muddy!
  • DURABLE - durable outer fabric

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Things To Consider When Buying An Orthopedic Dog Bed

The Way Your Dog Sleeps

Just like us humans, when it comes down to sleeping each dog has a different sleeping position that they find most comfortable. If you notice that your dog likes to sleep stretched out then it’s important to purchase a bed large enough so that they have enough space to move. If you’re not sure how long your dog bed should be then you could always get the tape measure out and measure your dog when they are fully stretched out so that you have a general idea of what size you need to go for.

Sometimes it’s best to ignore those breed guidelines and get out your handy measuring tape for a better idea of which size to buy. A lot of dogs tend to like bigger beds, just imagine a huge comfy bed infant of you and you will get the picture!

If you find your dog loves to sleep in a cute ball then they may prefer a rounded bed with raised sides so that they can snuggle into the padding and feel safe and secure.

Waterproof Dog Beds For Those Accidents

If you have an older dog you might just need to consider a waterproof bed for those accidental mishaps that may happen during the night especially if they tend to suffer with a bit of bladder weakness or have any other issues which require constant cleaning of the bed. A waterproof bed will stand the test of time when it comes to accidents and it will make your life a lot easier as you can simply wipe down the surface and leave to dry.

With most orthopaedic dog beds the cover can be taken off and can be quickly thrown into the washing machine to get rid of any stains, smells or for a general freshen up.

The Dog’s Bed Orthopaedic Dog Bed Large

This large plush orthopaedic dog bed is made from a premium waterproof material which makes cleaning up any accidents a breeze and will save you time. The covers are also removable so you can quickly throw them in the wash to clean or freshen up. This makes it great for those dogs who tend to drool a lot or shed a lot of fur.

Your dog will be able to sleep in comfort and their joints will be supported by orthopaedic memory foam which lies over a solid 10cm base of high stability premium support foam.

This bed is also suitable for young pups too as a preventative measure for those breeds who are prone to developing hip and joint issues. 

Premium Plush Dog Bed For Arthritis & Hip Dysplasia

This plush orthopaedic dog bed provides your pup with pure comfort for their joints and the bolster sides not only protect your dog from slipping off the bed but it gives them a sense of security as they sleep.

The high quality memory foam material used has been tested by the experts and it will cushion their joints and hips so they can rest in comfort and have the best nights sleep or that all important power nap during the day.

If your dog is prone to accidents then the waterproof cover can be easily cleaned either by hand or in the washing machine and it can even be vacuumed to remove any loose fur within seconds.

It’s the ultimate bed fit for a King Or Queen.

JOYELF Large Memory Foam Dog Bed

This orthopaedic dog bed comes in a variety of sizes and is not only super cosy, it’s stylish too so it will fit in with your homes decor. 

The nonslip rubber backing ensures that your dog doesn’t slip and slide as they climb into bed which is especially important for those who are suffering with hip and joint problems. 

The luxury bed is made from a quality memory foam material and the bolster is filled with PP cotton making this dog bed breathable and suitable for those hot summer months.

Last but not least a cute bone shaped plush squeaker toy gift is also included with this orthopaedic dog bed.

Bingopaw Heavy Duty Pet Foam Dog Bed

This heavy duty orthopaedic dog bed is well structured and designed not only to stand the test of time but with your dogs comfort being the ultimate priority.

It comes in a variety of sizes so no matter what dog breed you have you will find the perfect one for your beloved pooch.

As your pet rests, the high density foam inside this bed will help to evenly distribute their weight and will help to keep them comfortable throughout the night by relieving pressure on their aching joints.

If your pet loves to rest their head on a pillow then they are going to fall in love with the fully padded bolster which wraps around the sides to prevent your dog from falling out and it also gives them a comfortable place to rest their head or chin or even paw!

Milliard Quilted Padded Orthopedic Dog Bed

If you’re looking for a budget friendly orthopaedic dog bed then look not further than this Milliard Quilted bed. With over 2000 great reviews from very happy customers it’s clear to see why this is such a popular choice. 

This bed is filled with durable egg crate luxe foam which will provide your pup with the ultimate comfort and support during sleeps.

The thick pillow top layer adds the all important comfort for your dog and if your dog is prone to the odd accident all you need to do is unzip the cover and you can either wash it by hand or throw it into your washing machine for a deeper clean.

Silentnight Orthopaedic Pet Bed

Silentnight is a popular brand for not only humans but for our precious pups too. They have designed this dog bed to give your pet the absolute same comfort as people, it can also be used for cats too.

This luxurious and stylish orthopaedic pet bed will support those with painful hip and joint issues thanks to the contoured foam layer which evenly distributes your dogs weight as they sleep.

The durable outer fabric is designed to withstand the test of time and especially stains, wear and tear. The cover is suitable for the washing machine too which makes it great for those muddy paw prints and general dirt, hair and muck.


All of these beds have great star ratings from happy customers and are suitable for those dogs suffering with arthritis problems or hip dysplasia.

Please be sure to properly measure what size bed you need for your bed before purchasing as you can’t always go by the breed size recommendations as they aren’t always accurate for your dog.

There is no real cure for joint problems but you can definitely make your dogs quality of life comfier and more manageable with an orthopaedic dog bed.

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