Best Rabbit Toys For Your Bunnies Hutch

Your rabbits hutch is where they spend the majority of their time, it’s their home where they feel safe and secure.

Providing your rabbit with a selection of toys to go in their hutch is not only a pleasure but it’s pretty essential too. Just like us humans, rabbits need entertaining throughout the day to keep their minds active and stimulated. You wouldn’t like to just sit at home all day with nothing to do so why should your rabbit have to do that.

Rabbits are actually very playful pets and they love nothing more than to gnaw on things, toss things with their nose and they can be very excited and curious when it comes to new play toys.

Why Do Rabbits Need To Chew And Gnaw?

Bunnies are very well known for chewing and gnawing. This isn’t just an annoying habit, it actually helps them to keep their teeth at a healthy length. Rabbits teeth actually grow so throughout their lives they need to constantly gnaw and chew on a variety of materials, if they don’t have this opportunity to chew then their teeth can actually grow into their mouth and the roots can get pushed back into their jaw and skull which can be extremely painful.

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Providing your rabbit with a selection of different toys to chew and gnaw away at in their rabbit hutch will definitely keep them happy and entertained throughout the day. It will help to keep them physically active and mentally stimulated which makes for a happier and healthier rabbit.

Toys also help your rabbit to combat boredom which may result in a very depressed rabbit.

Playing with your rabbit and their toys will help to strengthen the bond between you and your precious pet.

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