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Super Healthy 3 Ingredient Homemade Dog Treats

It’s so much fun making homemade dog treats for your pooch and these healthy homemade dog treats from Golden Barrel only require 3 ingredients that you probably have in your cupboard already.

A lot of commercial dog treats contain additives, flavourings and nasties that can have really bad effects for your dogs health. The best thing about homemade dog treats is that it works out cheaper and you know exactly what goes into those tasty little snacks. 

Your dog will be licking their lips when they see these yummy snacks on the counter top.

Making The 3 Ingredient Dog Treats

It's super simple and easy to make these treats that kids will love making these too.

You Will Need:

1 Cup of Coconut Oil
1 Cup of Peanut Butter
1 Tsp of Cinnamon

Funky paw print or heart shaped silicone mould (or any shaped mould you have)

Simply put all of the ingredients into a saucepan and melt them over a low heat as you stir with a spatula to form a runny mixture.

Pour even amounts into the silicone mould and place in the freezer until set. These will store great in the fridge so when your dog is in need of a cool and healthy snack, pop a treat out of the silicone mould and watch your dog finish every last bite.

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