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The Barkshire Grooming Table

When grooming your dog you need to make sure that you have a sturdy table where they feel safe and secure as grooming is meant to be a positive experience for them.

This Barkshire Grooming table is a professional quality grade station that can easily be folded down for storage or travel so you can take this on the go and it’s also easy to set up again. Simply fold out the legs then add the clamps onto the table and insert the grooming arms. You can attach your pets leash to the grooming bar above which has eight different slots for you to choose from.

#1 Barkshire Adjustable Portable Steel Frame Two Dog Grooming Table

For best hygiene this table is made from steel legs and a stainless steel arm complete with a aluminium lined table top which is easy to wipe clean. A storage basket will hold all of your essential grooming items and are easy to grab when you need them.

This table has been designed with your comfort in mind as the strong nylon clamp for the grooming arm can be place wherever is easiest and comfortable for you.

Even when the table top is wet, the non slip rubber mat will help to prevent your dog from slipping and sliding so they can have a safe experience. There are also rubber feet on the bottom of the table legs to prevent it from moving when your dog is on there.

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