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Bathe Your Dog In Comfort With The Dog Booster Bath

If you struggle bathing your dog in a bath tub then the Dog Booster Bath is going to be your new best friend. Sometimes people struggle washing their dogs in the bath tub if the bath is too low and they have back trouble or if the bathroom is just too small to manoeuvre.

Now, thanks to the Dog Booster Bath you have a complete 360° access to your dog so you can wash them easily reaching all areas and you don’t have to worry about trying to spin them round in the bath as you can just walk around the tub.

#1 Boosted Dog Bath For Your Comfort

If you have large bottles of shampoo then the Dog Booster Bath is a perfect choice for you as it can hold a large shampoo, condition and a brush.

It’s an awesome bath that you can use either indoors and outdoors and the material used is designed to last for a long time so you can be assured you are buying a quality product. If you need to store this bath at any time the legs quickly detach for easy storage.

#2 A Quality Dog Bath

Your dog can enter the bath with the easy U-shaped entrance. To keep your pooch safe and secure there is a comfortable 3 point adjustable leash restraint system with adjustable collar and you don’t need to worry about slipping as a 3/8" thick rubberised non-slip mat will help to prevent any slipping and sliding which could result in a fall. Rubber grips on the bottom of the feet also prevent this bath from moving so your dog can easily and safely climb in and out of the bath.

A drain hose means you can wash your dog in one area then easily get rid of the water in another area. Control the water flow with a nozzle which has an on and off dial which you can hook onto the rim of the bath so it’s on hand for you. As a guide use a gentle flow for the dace and a more heavy flow for the rest of your dogs body.

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