This Babble Dog Ball Talks To Your Pup

If you want to entertain your pup and your family for hours on end then this talking dog play ball is going to be the best purchase. It’s a durable toy that is specially designed with a high impact ABS construction.

It’s motion activated so all your dog has to do is walk past this ball or it can be triggered by vibration such as your pet breathing to set it off. 20 different sentences and sounds have been programmed into this novelty ball.

#1 The Ball That Talks To Your Dog

Phrases such as "Rock 'n Roll Big Doggy," "Hey, What are you doing?," "Grrrrr!," "Sweet Puppy,"and loads more will have you chuckling all day long. Replaceable batteries are included.

When your pet has finished playing with the Babble Ball, it automatically turns itself off and waits to be activated again.

Dimensions: 5.25cm diameter

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