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The External Aquarium Filter For Powerful Filtration

Filtering your tank water to a high standard is easier than ever with the All Pond Solutions 1000EF External Aquarium Filter system which is suitable for tanks up to 400 Litres.

It cleverly features a multi-stage filtration design and thoroughly filters tank water through three internal filters which ensures to provide you with extremely thorough biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. 

The filters are actually designed to be positioned on the outside of your tank and works in exactly the same way as an internal powerhead filter would.

The tank water is drawn up into the filter and returns crystal clear and clean water via the outlet tube. Oxygen levels are increased via the spray-bar which is fitted onto the outlet tube and you will be able to see for yourself just how effective this filter is.

It’s quick and easy to maintain the All Pond Solutions 1000EF External Aquarium Filter system. The shut off tap is drip-free which allows you to remove the filter quickly and take it to another area which is more suitable for cleaning. The filter baskets each lift of smoothly and can be easily rinsed through.

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