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This Huge Rabbit Hutch Is Totally Awesome

Every Rabbit deserves a special hutch that they can call their own, with a place for sleeping, a place for pooping and a large enough space to hop around and burn off some energy.

Unfortunately, when people buy a rabbit they will often purchase a bog standard rabbit cage that it just too small. It’s also important to let your rabbit out of the cage for a run/hop around too, you will really see their personalities shine when they have freedom. If your garden isn’t secure you can always buy a rabbit pen to keep them safe and secure.

This huge rabbit hutch made from pine wood is pretty awesome, and if you do have the space in your garden for this then your rabbit is going to love you so much!

Large Rabbit Hutch

This stunning hutch is like a mansion, it can be used to house up to 5 rabbits. Your rabbits will love the extra spacious sleeping area and there is also a nesting box.

The top of the hutch has a handy attic storage area so you can stash away all of the essentials like rabbit treats.

The drawer of the pet house is extra deep and extra sturdy too.

Large Rabbit Cage

The large doors allow easy access and make cleaning this hutch a breeze and the bottom run is lockable so you can be assured your rabbits are safe and sound. All doors are equipped with double locks.

We all know rabbits love to chew, so anti chew strips are placed in sensitive areas to protect the hutch and has rubber feet on the bottom too.

This is a quality hutch that is going to withstand years of use and your rabbit is going to love the freedom that it gives.

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