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The Health And Location Tracker For Your Pet

Having pets is just a joy and they are certainly part of the family, but just like we worry about our kids, we worry about our pets too.

The health and location tracker for your pet will give you peace of mind whether they are mooching in the garden or it will alert you if they’ve wondered a little too far so you can find them before they get injured.

The activity tracker lets you know how much exercise your pet is doing and how much energy they have burned.

The Smart Pet Health Tracker

Track your pets activity during the day and get a 24 hour timeline of their day. The smart activity detection allows you to see if they are running, playing walking or taking a cheeky nap.

Stay motivated and celebrate milestones with in-app badges.

The weekly wellness report also lets you know if your pet has been licking or scratching more so you can monitor any changes.

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