Aquapaw: The Best Distraction For Bath Time

If your dog is one who hates the bath and tries to jump out every time you put them in then you are not alone. Many dogs loves water but seem to hate bath time so much.

If only there was a way to distract your pooch while you give them a good bath…

Well now there is, the aquapaw is the best distraction for your dog. We all know that dogs will do anything for a treat and this device is what you and your dog need for a peaceful bath time.

The Aquapaw Will Be Your Dogs Best Friend During Bath Time

The Aquapaw is a genius invention that will make your bath times go from hectic to peaceful within seconds.

It can help to reduce your dogs anxiety and keep them distracted and focused while you bathe them.

Simply Spread Peanut Butter And Pop In The Freezer

Aquapaw is made from 100% silicone so is safe and non toxic for your dog. The silicone nubs slow down licking so you can spend longer bathing your pooch.

They are dishwasher and freezer safe. Simple spread a generous layer of your dogs favourite treat paste such as peanut butter and pop the stackable pads in the freezer.

The Ultimate Bath Time Distraction

Simply stick onto your bathroom wall at a comfortable height for your dog and watch as they make a bee line for their treat.

After a while they may even look forward to bath time if they know a yummy treat is on hand.

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