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Green Pantry: Premium Dog Food With 100% Natural Ingredients

We are becoming more conscious about what exactly goes into our foods and a lot of people are trying to eat locally-sourced and chemical free foods to better their health and the same goes for our pups too.

Even though a pet food brand may state that the food is filled with vitamins and minerals, these are likely to be synthetic and may contain a whole bunch of e-numbers too.

It’s important to know what you are feeding your dog when it comes to their packaged bought food. It’s important to stay clear from additives, colours, chemicals and derivatives. We need to make sure that we our feeding our dog the best food that is out there as we want to provide them with an abundance of vitamins and minerals from natural goodness.

Green Pantry offer premium products that are 100% natural and are loaded with locally-sourced, chemical-free ingredients all from quality British farms.

Green Pantry foods offer an abundance of human grade meat, mixed cereals, vegetables and also mixed herbs to give your dog the best meal they can possibly have. This food supports your dogs immune system so they will have more energy and feel healthier and be a happier pup all round.

Green Dog Chicken And Vegetables For Working Dogs

The Green Dog Chicken And Vegetables is free from cereals and grains and is made up of 80% locally sourced chicken and 20% veg and botanicals to support your dogs overall health and development.

They key benefits of this food is that it is holistic and hypoallergenic, it helps to detoxify and also boost the immune system, it’s a natural source of vitamins and minerals, it’s naturally preserved and is suitable for all breeds.

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