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The Hoover Attachment That Brushes Away Excess Dog Hair

If you have a dog, especially one who has long fur then you know how frustrating it is when there is hair everywhere.

This handy hoover attachment is going to make your life so much easier, simply attach this head onto your hoover and brush your dog. The attachment allows you to brush your dog and as you stroke the fur, the brush head sucks up any excess fur.

You will be impressed with how much fur this hoover attachment collects.

Dyson Groom Pet Hair Brush

This device is suitable for medium and long haired dogs and it can be easily stored away with your other hoover attachments.

As you brush your pet the hair will get sucked into the vacuum bag and any excess hair on the brush can be easily removed. Allergens are also captured when using this device.

This is going to save you using a tonne of fur rollers to get those pesky hairs off your clothes.

If your dog loves the hoover then this is going to be a breeze, if not, then you may have to get them used to the hoover first as you don't want to stress them out.

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