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These Unique Bird Boxes Will Attract All Types Of Birds

These unique bird boxers will really add some cool character into your garden and the neighbours will be wondering where you got such a cool bird box.

We are all aware of protecting the environment and looking after our wildlife so these boxes make a great addition to your garden and make the perfect housewarming or birthday present for your friend.

Simply fill these bird feeders with some tasty bird food and watch them come flying in to see what you have put in there.

The RSPB has a great article which explains the different types of birds you can look out for in your garden and which type of bird likes what food.

Police Box Bird Feeder

This police box bird feeder was designed with Doctor Who in mind, so this is perfect for those fans.

Simply slide the roof and pour in the seeds, it can hold up to 2 pounds in bird food which will keep them going, you will attract all sorts of birds with this vibrant bird feeder.

You don't need to worry about rain because the water will flow through the small corners and keep the feeder well drained.

Dewdrop Bird Feeder

This pretty dewdrop bird feeder will look great in any garden or even apartment balcony.

View the birds from either side and discover which breed enjoy coming to your garden the most. This is great for kids to get involved in spotting which wildlife comes into their garden.

The birds can hideout inside this feeder too.

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