This Cool Kitty Toilet Gives Your Cat Complete Privacy

Don’t you find that traditional litter trays are awkward, messy and bulky? What if you could find a posh toilet for your cat that offers complete privacy and also fits in with your modern home decor? Well, we think we have found the purr-fect loo for your cat.

This cat litter box is stylish and sleek and if you worry about litter over your floors, the holes in the top of the lid trap any left over pellets so you don’t come home to find them dotted around your house.

Your Cat Can Poop In Peace

The stylish and sleek design is more space efficient than your traditional litter tray so you can comfortably place it into any room of the house and the modern design will fit right in with your decor.

Completely Dog Safe

This open top kitty litter box provides your cat with complete privacy and prevents any dogs from entering who may be looking for “treats”.

Easy To Clean

The generous opening of this trendy toilet allows your cat to comfortably come and go as they like and prevents litter from spilling out and also prevents those sprays too.

The litter scoop is stored on the side of the box and the economical liner is reusable too.

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