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This Portable Dog Sleeping Bag Will Keep Your Pup Nice And Cosy

Whether you’re going for a weekend trip camping or a day out hiking then this dog sleeping bag will keep your pup nice and warm during the cold weather. It will keep your dog nice and warm whether it’s sheltering from a storm or hiding from the wind. It can also be used as a mat/cushion for your dog to sit on your decking, porch or backyard etc.

The dimensions of this portable sleeping bag is approx 43.3” x 27.5” and the width can be up to 58” when the side zip is opened up. It’s made from a warm polyester outer material with a soft fleece liner to keep your dog as warm as possible. The sleeping bag is also waterproof so even if it’s raining your pup will be protected.

The drawstring design on the head of the sleeping bag helps to keep your dog safe and secure in the bag all night long which makes it perfect for travelling.
There’s no need to worry if the dog bag gets dirty as it’s easy to clean, water-resistant and cleans with a good shake! For more stubborn stains you can pop it into the washing machine for a deeper clean. When you’re finished with the bag you can quickly and easily roll it up and pack it away.

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