Unleash The Power Of Crystals To Help Heal Your Pet

Alternative therapies are becoming more and more popular these days because they are non-invasive and work with the bodies natural ability to heal. Crystal healing has surged in the recent years and animals can absolutely benefit from the powers of crystals.

Crystal Healing is based on the fact that everything has energy and everything vibrates at different frequencies. There are thousands of crystals that have different energies for different problems, for example the stone Sodalite is very calming and can help a nervous pet during travel.

You can place some crystals under your pets bed and the energy should work it’s magic within a few days. If your pet becomes restless the crystals may be too intense but if they appear relaxed then it’s likely they are healing.

#1 Crystal Healing For Animals

This book is a brilliant read for those who are eager to plunge into the depths of crystal healing for animals.

It's easy to understand and explains everything you need to know about animal crystal healing from cleansing the stones to benefits experienced.

The great thing is you can practise animal reiki on any pet no matter how big, small, scaly or furry they may be.

#3 Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as a master healer for your pet and it's given that name because it can help with such a wide range of ailments and on a deeper level it strengthens the aura which helps to protect against negative energies.

It's a superb crystal for setting intentions which are best done either in the morning or evening and it will help to absorb any negative energies. 

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