Wall Mounted Cat Shelving Your Cat Will Adore

If you have a spare wall in your house there’s no better way to use that space than to dedicate it to your kitty.

Cats are natural born climbers and they love to be as high up as possible. These wall mounted cat shelves and hammocks are a perfect idea which will save your floor space and your cat will love to climb and discover the new possibilities.

You can really get creative and have so much fun making a giant play centre for your cat. When it’s done sit back, relax and watch your cat go crazy climbing and exploring.

#1 Multiple-level Cat Hammock & Climbing Activity Center

This wall mounted cat activity centre is great if you have more than one cat (or perfect for one very lucky cat).

Your cat will love to explore the different levels and the hammocks will comfortably support them as they take a power nap.

#2 Cat Mod Climb Track Handcrafted Wall mounted Cat Tree

Wow! This amazing, handcrafted activity centre will keep your cat entertained for hours on end. Watch them as they climb the tall scratching post and explore the different levels.

If you want to treat your cat to something special but don't have enough floor space then this climbing track will be perfect for that spare wall.

#3 Wooden Cat Step Cloud Shelves

These steps will encourage your cat to use their natural climbing skills.

Watch them as they climb to the top and sit as proud as a King on the shelf.

Which room would you put this in?

#4 2 Piece Set – Cat Bridge/Walkway and Cat Feeder/Diner

This wooden walkway is part of a 2 piece set which also includes a floating feeding shelf with built in (removable) bowls for your cats water and food.

Meal times have never been so much fun for your cat, watch as they wait on the shelf for their food. It saves tripping over dishes that are on the floor.

#5 Cat Hammock

Here's a great place for your cat to chill, attach this hammock to your wall and your cat will feel like they have some personal space yet they can still look at what's going on.

#6 Cat Shelf Cat Bed with Curved Cat Hammock Design

Your cat will love these hammock shelves, they are great for putting near any window or door so your cat can spy on the outside world without lifting a paw.

#7 Kerbl Dolomit Tofana Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

This stylish cat tree is wall mounted which saves you floor space and also encourages your cats natural instincts to climb and explore.

It's great for any room in the house and gives your cat a place to call their own.

#8 Kerbl Dolomit Tofana Pro Wall-Mounted Cat Tree

This wall mounted cat tree gives your kitty plenty of spaces and levels to explore.

The cave allows your cat to have some privacy but still allows them to take a lot at what's going on in the house.

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