£300 Operation To Save Bob The Goldfish

When a 20 year old Goldfish named Bob developed a tumour on his fin his loving family took action and decided to take Bob to Toll Barn Vet Surgery in Norfolk.

The tumour on his fin caused Bob to struggle swimming but his family weren’t ready to loose him just yet.

Bob’s family were delighted when they heard that Dr. Bethell would be able to perform surgery on Bob to remove the killer tumour.

Little Bob In Safe Hands On The Operating Table

Tiny surgical equipment was used to carefully operate on Bob which took a total of 30 minutes. Bob lay on a plastic sheet with a jug of his own tank water on hand so that he didn’t dehydrate. He was even hooked up to a mini heart monitor.

Bob was allowed home the same day and he made a speedy recovery and is swimming happy again.

Dr Bethell has a special certificate for handling exotic animals and she said she’s for several operations on Goldfish before but Bob was definitely the record breaker patient at 20 years old.

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