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7 Awesome Reasons A Dog Can Change Your Life For The Better

Dogs are more than just pets, they give us friendship, they’re loyal, they don’t judge and they give us unconditional love no matter what our personal problems may be.

If your considering getting a dog in the near future than these benefits are just going to sell you straight away.

Benefits Of Owning A Dog

You Will Exercise More

Having a dog means you will need to walk it at least twice a day which benefits you both and improve your health. Walking is known to release endorphins which are those happy hormones.

You May Socialise More

People are more likely to strike up a conversation if you have a dog, especially a puppy. They may ask questions about the dog which could lead onto other topics and if you see them on a regular basis it could turn into a friendship.

It’s A Known Fact Dogs Help Lower Stress

Research has proven that having a dog lowers stress levels. Even the simple act of petting your dog can have a great impact on lowering your cortisol levels which in turns makes you feel more relaxed and peaceful.

Children Will Have Less Allergies

Studies have proven that early exposure to dogs and farm animals can reduce the risk of childhood asthma. Being around dogs increases a Childs immune system which will benefit their overall health.

You Will Have A Healthier Heart

A Chinese study found that people who own dogs tend to get a better nights sleep and are also sick less often. Stroking your dog lowers your heart rate and also your blood pressure. It doesn’t get better than that!

Dogs Help Combat Depression

Studies have proven that dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those who do not own a pet. Dogs alter our behaviour, so if we are feeling sad and our dog comes up to us wanting to play ball our mindset can be changed. Encouraging and being in involved in your dogs play time can change your brain chemistry.

Dogs Prevent Loneliness

This is essential for people who have little family and friends especially older people, having a dog is like having another member of the family around which makes you feel like you are not alone.

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