Discover What Your Dogs Body Language Actually Means

Start by taking a look at these different images and see if your dog has presented any of these body positions to you, if so you can work out what your dog was trying to tell you at the time.

Were they happy, angry, sad, frightened?

What is your dog trying to tell you? The answer could infact surprise you.

Many people don’t realise or think that a dog’s certain movements relate to a feeling that they’re experiencing. Since dog’s can’t talk they use their body language to express how they feel and unfortunately some people don’t think to research these expressions.

As a responsible dog owner it’s essential that you understand some dog language, this will help to create a stronger bond between you and your dog and help reduce the risk of you getting frustrated with your dogs behaviour.

For example a dog that is yawning is not necessarily tired, yawning can be a sign of anxiousness.

A happy and relaxed dog should look like this with it’s ears up and it’s tail down.

How do you think this dog feels ?

This dog is clearly on edge, a tail tucked inbetween their legs means that the dog is feeling scared and the fact the ears are pulled back and signs of visible teeth indicates that this dog could more than likely attack if challeneged.

Happy or nervous?

From this dog’s body language it’s clearly stressed. Dog’s only sweat through their pads so if your dog is leaving sweaty paw marks they might not be hot like you may think but they could be feeling stressed.

With a lowered body, tail inbetween the legs and pulled back ears this dog is definitely not comfortable.

It’s playtime!

This dog’s body language is just an open invitation to play! With it’s tail and ears up and it’s bum in the air this dog is itching to play.

What do you think?

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