DIY Healthy Yogurt Dog Treats

Healthy and delicious homemade dog treats and no nasty ingredients

Just like human food, it’s essential that you know what goes into your dog’s treats. You definitely want to avoid chemicals, additives and any other nasty ingredients, chances are if you read a label and you can’t pronounce an ingredient then it’s no good and it’s something you need to steer clear of. Your dog needs nutritous wholefood treats that provide them with essential vitamins and minerals for optimum health.

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These yummy dog treats which only require 4 wholesome ingredients (created by Cooking With Janica) and they are so good that even humans can eat them!

Simply place all of the ingredients into a blender and blitz until everything is nice and creamy. Now pour the mixture into moulds and pop into the freezer until needed. Silicone moulds are the best as they make it super easy to pop the treat out in a matter of seconds. Plus they are easy to clean.

Paw print and bone silicone moulds are adorable for these treats.


If you don’t have a blender don’t worry as you can easily mash the banana’s with a fork and combine the rest or a blender will ensure a creamier texture.

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