Father And Son Camping Trip Turns Into A Rescue

When imgur user iburnmyfeelsaway went on a camping trip with his son he didn’t expect to be coming back with more than he went with.

Michael explained on imgur “When we arrived there was a cat. It was quite skinny and obviously abandoned,” 

The cat was very friendly and it was rubbing it’s head up against their legs to show affection. “There is no way this cat was not domesticated the way she craves human attention.”

The son created a bond with cat and decided to catch some blue gill for it to eat as they had only packed enough food for breakfast and dinner, so had no spares.

The cat ate the food and wandered off into the woods. The pair tried looking for the cat but it seemed like she had disappeared so that night they went to sleep without thinking anything more.

A few hours later, there was commotion outside of the tent so Michael grabbed his torch and went out to investigate. To his disbelief the cat had returned, but she had brought them gifts.

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