While Others Drove Past This Hero Stopped Traffic On A Busy Road

On April 27th Kevin (Kwok Kin Wai) was just going about his normal day driving his moped when suddenly he saw a small animal that was stranded in the middle of a busy road.

While traffic drove past and no one stopped to help, Kevin managed to pull over his moped and alert the traffic to stop then he rushed over to find out the small animal was a terrified little kitten.

Kevin was quite the Hero as he sprinted over to the kitten, he scooped it up and decided the best option was to take the kitten with him.

He shared a post on social media hoping that an owner would come forward but unfortunately no-one did. He managed to get in touch with a local rescue who was able to help get the right medical attention for the kitten.

Watch the moment that Kevin rescued the poor little kitten, as a huge animal lover it’s so hard to understand why nobody else thought to move the kitten to safety.

Kevin also uploaded this cute video of the kitten he saved. It seems like the kitten was given a second chance at life.

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