Find Out How This Stray Cat Lands Herself A Job In A Nursing Home

Meet one very special team member, Oreo is sat behind the welcome desk at St. Augustine Health Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio.

She was once a stray cat who one day casually wondered into the nursing home and the rest is history.

Hello there, can i help?

Oreo brings a lot of joy and smiles into the care home.

Oreo has made herself at home

The residents absolutely love her, many of them had pets so they love having Oreo around as it brings the feelings of home.

Director, Dana Carns told Bored Panda

“I’m always getting pictures, even on the weekends or at night that the staff are taking. ‘Oh look, Oreo is at the reception desk, answering the phone, because it’s after hours’, or ‘she’s sitting on a bench with a resident who’s waiting for her ride.’”

“The residents were so excited to have Oreo around. They all love her and seek her out for a snuggle”.


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