You Will Be Shocked At What This Woman Found In An Abandoned Suitcase

A woman was out walking her dog one day in England when she came across this abandoned suitcase just resting there on the train tracks.

She didn’t even think about going near it until her dog appeared to be very curious about what was inside.

All of the 9 cats were in a bad state, the mother was dehydrated and the kittens were extremely thin and malnourished. Fortunately the kind woman rang the RSPCA and they were taken immediately into care. The 5 year old mother was in such a bad condition that she had to be put into an intensive care unit at the vets and the 5 week old kittens were taken to the rescue Center where they would later be joined by Mum.

"She was kept at the vets as she was so dehydrated and needed a drip, but has since been moved to the cattery to be with her litter and is doing much better," Amy De-Keyzer of the RSPCA told The Dodo.

It was lucky that the woman's dog was so curious about what exactly was inside the suitcase otherwise none of them may have survived. It's so heartbreaking to hear when people abandon animals but on the brighter side we love hearing positive stories like this one where your faith can be restored.

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