How To Cut Your Dog’s Nails Safely

Many people have fear and anxiety when it comes to cutting their dogs nails, if you’re scared and unconfident about what you’re doing your dog will pick up on this and become scared too, making the whole experience unpleasent for both you and your pooch.

Here is a small guide on the basics of nail trimming for those who feel a little weary, hopefully you will come away feeling confident about safely trimming those claws.

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The Guide To Nail Trimming

Trimming your dog's nails has it's benefits, it works out cheaper in the long run as you will only have to buy the nail trimmers rather than paying for each session. You can do it from home which makes it free as there's no travel involved and also your dog will feel more comfortable at home with you.

Not all dogs need their nails trimming, those who are more active will naturally be keeping their claws at a healthy length but for those who prefer to lounge around or the older dog may develop longer claws which can become uncomfortable if left too long.

If nails are too long this could become painful for your dog. As the dog walks the nails will push back up into the nail bed, this will put pressure on the joints which may result in the toe twisting to the side.

Choose the right time when your dog is relaxed and happy, an evening might be good when they are feeling sleepy and calm.

Get into a comfortable position and make sure you have everything you need such as the nail clippers , tissues, treats, toy etc.

Talk to your dog and reassure them, make sure you praise them, this will help them to associate nail trimming time as a positive experience.

If your dog seems stressed DON'T force them, even if you feel frustrated this will just make the whole experience twice as bad. Remain calm and take 1 claw at a time, allow your dog to wander off and come back if he/she wants.

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