Orphaned Elephant And Labrador Are Best Friends

Welcome to Myrtle Beach Safari, South Carolina, here you will find a very special friendship between 32 year old orphaned Elephant named Bubbles and 3 year old Bella the Labrador who are both residents at the park.

Meet Bubbles the Elephant and Bella the Labrador

Throw my ball Bubbles!

Bubbles now lives a happy life in USA but she has a rough background. She was born in Africa but unfortunately her parents were killed by poachers, Bubbles was one of the very few lucky ones to be transferred to Myrtle Beach Safari to be given a better life. The sad story is the rest of the Elephants in Africa would have been killed due to lack of facilities for them.

When Bubbles arrived at the Safari she wasn't in great condition as she only weighed 340 lbs but now Bubbles is happy, healthy and weighs around 4 tons and stands over 9ft tall.

These best friends are loving life

Bella, who is also a resident at the Safari became very close with Bubbles and the pair are now best buds who love to play in the pool. As Bella stands on Bubbles back, she tosses Bella's ball into the water with her trunk and Bella dives off the elephants back to retrieve it.

The pair can be seen most days playing together in the water.

This adorable photo shows how close this unlikely pair are

You can follow the sanctuary on Facebook to get updates of all the animal residents. Click HERE to go to the Facebook page.

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