Japanese Photographer Captures Stray Cats That Are Having The Best Time

These stray cats appear to be having great fun

Nyan Kichi is a dedicated photographer who loves spending his time out on the streets taking photo’s of stray cats.

「最近どう?」「ボチボチにゃ」 . #カメラのキタムラ #キタムラ写真投稿 #かわいい #straycat

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His patience and time spent capturing the moments of these beautiful cats allowed him to discover that their favourite “playground” is more interesting than you think.

It’s not any wooded areas, it’s not any typical place that involves food or mice but it’s an area that’s covered with drain pipe holes.

Take a look at his images below, the kitties are having a whale of a time.

寒かろうが今日も生きるのニャー! #カメラのキタムラ

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A post shared by 路地裏のにゃん吉 (@nyankichi5656) on

Be sure to check out his Instagram Page which are full of great stray cat photo’s.

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