Worried Dog Knows He Needs To Alert His Owner

Diamond is a happy little Jack Russell Terrier who lives in Iceland with his dad, Gunnar Kr Sigurjónsson.

One day something concerned Diamond and he knew he had to alert his dad ASAP. Diamond walked into the room and began to whine then turn back round trying to get the attention of Gunnar. He was insistent that he was not going to be ignored.

Gunnar told The Dodo “I knew he didn’t need to do his business, as we had just been for a walk, so finally I gave in and followed him.”

Gunnar was about to remove the dead bird from his balconcy but all of a sudden the bird fluttered, so Gunnar took him inside and gave the little bird some seeds and water.

After the bird had eaten and drank some water it looked revived so Gunnar was going to set it free but the bird had other ideas. Instead of flying into the outside world the bird flew in a big circle then landed on top of his Hero’s head!
Gunnar tried again but the bird wasn’t ready to leave Diamond.

"That's when Diamond came nose to beak to the bird and then he started licking him," he said. "The poor bird had to flick his wings a few times to keep his balance, but could have flown away any time if he wanted to.”

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