Patients Are Finding Happiness With Pet Therapy

This is such a great story to read, personally i’ve always believed in the power of pets and how they can have such positive effects on people. There have been many studies that confirm pets can help owners with depression and anxiety. Anyone who has a pet will understand their unconditional love which is one of the many reasons why pets make the best option for cheering people up.

Take a guide dog for example, they are a positive life change for the person in need, they help with daily chores such as washing and even assist with getting their owner safely across the road.

Royal Trinity Hospice, South London has introduced a new programme of bringing in volunteer dogs to help give patients some comfort and joy and so far the results are great.

Volunteer Manager stated: “You just can’t underestimate the sheer amount of joy which pets can bring to people. You could see that Chilli visibly cheered the patients up as soon as she walked into the room. Lots of our patients may have cared for pet dogs in the past, so the visits will hopefully bring back many happy memories for them.”

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