Shop Owner Gets A Shock When He See’s His 5 Year Thieves Caught On Camera!

and he wasn’t expecting the culprit

For over 5 years sweets and chocolates had been dissapearing at an alarming rate from a family run convenience store in Toronto, Canada. When the family found out that the “cuplrit” were actually the local squirrels they couldn’t believe what they had just discovered.

The Kim family explained that it must have all happened when the shop owner started feeding the birds that gathered outside the shop.

Gradually the squirrels started coming inside and eating the nuts and seeds but when they had all been eaten the squirrels resorted to the chocolates and sweets.

The shop owners decided to try and up their game to catch the cheeky thieves but it’s hard as they’re so fast. “We don’t catch them all the time,” Kim adds. “We’re guessing that they come and go and we don’t even know about it.”

Before anyone has a chance to react the squirrel is halfway up the street with it’s favourite chocolate bar making a run for it.

The winter months seem to have put a stop to the squirrels thieving antics but as soon as spring comes round the family are trying to think of ways to stop the furry thieves.

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