Photo Of Dogs First Night Home From The Shelter Is Heart Melting

This is an adorable photo but when you find out that this is Loki’s first night home from the shelter your heart will just melt, just like ours did, completely melted.

Reddit user towntown1337 explains

"When we found him at the shelter I fell in love immediately. We took his papers up to the desk and i wanted him that day.. she got to filing paper work and found that he was owned and they just found him on the side of the road and they tried contacting the owner for them to come pick him up. I was devastated because who would want to give this guy up.

I had a shred of hope because if the owner didn't come in 7 days it's willfull giving him up. So I gave him lovings and left. My gf and i visited him the next two days to make sure he was still there.. the second day we visited him after we left about 45 minutes later we get a call from the shelter... the owners came in looking for another dog because theirs ran away and couldn't find him.

The shelter was like umm.. we have your puppy here we tried to call you.. the owners said they didn't want him because he was too big. They weren't expecting the shelter to have him I guess. Needless to say the shelter didn't allow them to purchase any more rescues for just letting this one outside and not search for him and I got my amazing year old puppy and my family and i couldn't be happier!"

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