This Labrador Gives His Buddy A Hug When He's Feeling Lonely

Meet the loveable yellow Labrador called Messy who lives with his Thai owner Oranit Kittragul.

Messy doesn’t just give plenty of loves to his owner,  he found out that someone else was in need of some serious doggy lovin…

Opposite Messy’s house lives a beautiful Husky called Audi, unfortunately his owner is gone for long hours while at work resulting in a very lonely Audi.

Poor Audi gets very anxious all by himself and Messy must pick up on this and barks over to Audi who stop’s crying after hearing Messy’s voice.

Audi’s owner had forgotten to put the latch on the gate and Audi saw it as a great oppurtunity to run up to see his new pal. It seemed like the pair had a special connection and as they hugged eachother Oranit decided to take a photo of the heartmelting huggers.

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