This Luxurious Faux Fur Pet Bed Provides Orthopedic Comfort

This may look like an average faux fur rug that you’d place in your living room but this is the most comfiest and softest orthopedic dog bed that you’ve seen before. It will look great in any room in any house.

This pet bed is a great idea for those pups who love to sit on the rug in front of the fire but also for those who also need extra orthopedic comfort to support aching joints. 

It can be used as your dogs main bed or as an extra bed that they can use during the day time whether they want to rest for 10 minutes or take a long nap. It’s also a good choice for using in the car so your dog can have a comfortable ride.

As you know little accidents can happen at any time and this dog bed is designed with that in mind. A protective layer has been added on top to protector the memory foam insert. The dog bed is also machine washable which makes your life so much easier.

This dog bed is made from a soft and comfortable memory foam material that contours to your dogs body shape when they are sleeping. This helps to support their joints and evenly distribute their weight resulting in more comfort and less aches and pains.

It’s a perfect choice for those who suffer from any joint conditions whether they’re old or young.

Whether you have a small Chihuahua or a large Saint Bernard then you will find the right size for your pup.

Overall this dog bed has fantastic reviews. Owners are happy with the luxurious design and their pets are very happy with the bed, especially those who can’t lie on hard floors due to joint issues.

Verified Amazon User
Verified Amazon User
My favorite dog bed that I’ve purchased! Senior dog approved!!
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My senior boxer loves this bed! My boxer is almost 13 and can’t lay on the hard floors anymore so I pretty much have to have a bed in every room because he’s by my side no matter what. This bed isn’t overly thick but has even weight distribution and is comfortable for his arthritic joints. He chooses this bed over his thicker ones. The cover washes very well and looks like new! Not to mention I get so many compliments on it. I layer it over my other rug and it looks like decor. I highly recommend! Also, I bought the giant size. My boxer is very large for his breed and both him and my husky mix can share this bed.
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Verified Amazon User
Good buy
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It took a few hours for the bed to get to it's full size but it's as advertised. The bed can be taken apart for cleaning, there is a inner layer as well that is removable and it has good cushioning. I haven't noticed if the material sheds because with two dogs we always see a lot of fur anyway. It can fit both Goldens, I got the size large but only 1 can fit comfortably on it at once.
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Verified Amazon User
My German Shepherd’s Love It
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I actually really like it. I was looking at a competing bed around the same dimensions (but more expensive) — and I’m glad I tried this one! I haven’t washed it yet so not sure how the faux fur will hold up after a wash, but the bed is well-made and fits both of my babies 😀

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