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This Deep Dish Cuddle Pet Beds Are Super Comfy

If your pet loves to sleep snuggled up in a ball then this deep dish bed is going to be a winner in your household.

This bed cradles your cat or small dog and the high 12 inch back wall not only helps to relieve pressure from joints but allows your pet to feel safe and snug while asleep.

Your pet can rest their tired head on the dipped side walls which are so soft and comfy. They will feel all snug in this bed and it can help those who suffer with anxiety as it will allow them to feel safe and secure.

This cosy pet bed is covered in a super comfortable and cosy sherpa fabric which is reminiscent of a mothers fur which helps your cat or dog to have a much deeper sleep.

The base of the bed is made from a high quality nylon material which is not only tough but it resists dirt and water too making it suitable for even the most muckiest of pets.

This pet bed is also really easy to clean and take care of. If it gets dirty, because accidents do happen when you have pets, you can quickly hoover it or even throw it into the washer and dryer on a low heat setting for a much deeper clean.

It’s a great choice for your small pet and it will suit any room of the house whether that’s your living room, conservatory or bedroom. This bed is portable and easy to carry around so your pet can have the ultimate comfort when travelling too.

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