Raven Confuses The Law By Eating Parking Fine

Here at Pawsify we love the cute stories but we also love the wacky and weird posts that we find from the web and this one definitely fits in to that category.

In the North West of Canada, Ravens love to gather near the parking lots and hang out on cars waiting for any scraps of food that they can find. One cheeky Raven decided to rebel and show the law who was boss by eating a parking ticket.

Ravens love to gather on cars waiting for food

Luckily, a resident, Annemieke Mulders captured the video and posted it to Facebook.

“I watched the little monster take the ticket from under the windshield wiper and shred it”

The City of Yellowknife said the ticket, despite being shredded, still needs to be paid.

Unlucky for the driver but nice try for the Raven.

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