This Guy Adopts Senior Pets And It's Adorable

When the majority of people get a new pet they tend to adopt the young, they don’t give a second thought about adopting the “seniors” but meet Steve Greig, he loves adopting older animals and we LOVE it!

We Love This Post From Steve’s Instagram Page

"You've probably seen this iconic pose before on a greeting card or just somewhere on the internet. I don't know how old the original is but someone sent it to me recently and it occurred to me I could probably get Englebert and Enoch to recreate it. The scary thing is it only took a couple mins to get this shot. It was as if they weren't entirely unfamiliar with this particular scenario. And look at the way Englebert is looking at the coffee pot. That's the same look of desire I give the coffee pot in the mornings.... God only knows what goes on in this house when I'm not here."

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