Pitbull Places Her 11 Pups Onto Her Foster Mom’s Lap

When Grayce the Pitbull gave birth to her 11 pups (10 boys and 1 girl) she did something so heart warming that it went viral.

Grayce must have been feeling a little exhausted from being a Mom to 11 pups she decided to pick her pups up and place them onto her foster mom’s lap. This is a pretty unusual story as normally animals tend to become a little defensive if anyone goes near their young.

Grayce has been neglected in her former home and thank goodness that Stevoni had rescued her, she was able to have her pups in a safe environment surrounded by love.

Stevoni has fostered many dogs in the past and believes that animals need us, she says that “We are their voice and we need to protect them.”

“I’m still overwhelmed with her love”

Grayce and her pups will be up for adoption in 8 weeks to Utah families only, this will be through the rescue group Rescue Rovers.

Anyone else shed a tear while watching this video?

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