Seal Pup Is Filled With Joy While Hugging A Fluffy Toy Version Of Himself

When staff at Mombetsu Land (a zoo in Japan) gave a Seal Pup a fluffy toy that looked just like him they didn’t expect his priceless reaction.

Hiyori the seal was overjoyed with his fluffy gift and it's possible that he mistook the toy for his own seal pup.

Hiyori rolls over and poses with his toy, staff at the zoo managed to snap some great photo's that capture the pure joy on his face.

Mombetsu Land tweeted these super cute photo's and the tweet was shared over 24,000 times.

It looks like Hiyori has a friend for life.

Hiyori is so besotted with the new toy he even touches noses with it.

Hiyori poses for the camera and allows the fluffy toy to take a ride on his back. You can literally see the smile on his face, it was obviously love at first sight.

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