Find Out Why These Guys Have The Best Job In The Entire World

Although it’s amusing and cute to see Workers dressed up as Panda bears, they have very special jobs to carry out. At Hetaoping Research and Conservation Centre workers are preparing captive born Panda cubs for their future in the wild.

Unfortunately Panda’s are on the endangered list as fewer than 2,500 giant Pandas are living free in China.

Here at the sanctuary, worker’s want to make sure that the Panda’s have as little contact with humans as possible for a hopeful survival when released into the wild.

The Bears are in excellent hands as every move is monitored by CCTV so vigilant keepers can see if they need any medical help at any time.

The cub is carefully being transported by what he believes to be a real Panda.

Hard work and research is being put into protecting these beautiful creatures and workers are prepared to give the cubs the best chance at life even if it means they have to dress up as Panda’s themselves.

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